SostreCívic is an association without spirit of profit that it has for goal to offer proposals and applicable solutions to our society to make it fairer and respectful with the persons and the environment through a non speculative urban planning and housing access.

It promotes a new approach to housing access based on Use Cooperative Models (MCU) according to which the property of the dwellings always resides in hands of the cooperative and where its members participate in it and where they enjoy the right of indefinite use of the dwelling through a soft rent payment.

  • We develop, we manage, we act as consultants and we search financing for housing access projects based on Use Cooperative Models (MCU) like the Andel-SostreCívic Model, the FUCVAM-SostreCívic Model or the Wohnprojekte-SostreCívic Model.

  • We collaborate with governments, associations, cooperatives and other organizations in the development of housing access models, Local Housing Plans, Social Memories, Urban Plans, projects and papers related with the urban planning, housing, energy, environment and society.

  • We carry out consultancies to any person or working party interested in MCU projects, in self-management housing, dwelling projects, urban sharecropping, ecovillages  and building rehabilitation.

  • We believe in an ecological and holistic transformation of the environment across neighbourhood community plans that promote human relationships.